We Are The Church.

And our primary mission is the great commission.
“Go ye into all the world & preach
the gospel to every creature”

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The only thing with power over darkness is light. God created light with purpose and also, the children of the light who are called to illuminate the truth in a dark world.

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Veils are a powerful instrument in preserving divine purpose. In fact, few realize just how prominent they are in scripture or just how significant a role they play in our lives today.

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Revisit the experience of Prophet Jeremiah and Pastor Brittney on their kingdom mission trip to South Africa.

A Living Loving Organism

The Church is a living, loving organism that should never be confined to any physical space. Though COVID-19 has presented challenges to the world, we see the current situation as an opportunity for us demonstrate the greater power of Jesus. Currently, the physical gathering of our church service has been temporarily suspended, but ministry continues under the leadership of the Lord. We are regularly broadcasting content, online, and we encourage everyone to attend virtually and participate. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel and like our Facebook page for our weekly services.