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GPRC Connect GPRC Connect is a vibrant digital reflection of our kingdom community that fosters connection and encourages spiritual growth. Through the app, we share personal testimonies and uplift one another through inspirational messages and sermons from our community leaders, ensuring a steady stream of spiritual nourishment. Additionally, the app keeps users informed about upcoming […]


GPRC Library For Her Cause by Jeremiah Shepherd Women are extraordinary models of the handiwork of God. But in a world historically domineered by men, it has been difficult to find adequate appreciation for their significance, and many cultures continue to retain discriminatory views of them. Women have long been the subject and victim of […]

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Humble Beginnings We called it “Church In A Box”. This tongue-in-cheek expression used to describe our bare-bones, portable sound system was the perfect description for the faithful few who shamelessly gathered in the cramped conference room of an old Ramada Inn on the outside of town. We had no grand edifice, no imposing insignia, and […]


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GPRC Messages & Notes Click the button below to see a list of our most recent messages.  Click Here for Complete List of Recent Messages Select Message Archives Below is a curated selection of messages from the archives that have been a blessing to many.