Demons In Disguise Pt. 3 – This Is War

The Secrets of Evil Spirts Demons are always hiding. This alone is a sign of their cowardice if we really stop to consider it. Anyone confident in their ability to defeat their enemy doesn’t need to hide or lie, yet evil is almost always doing both. When evil is emboldened to come out of hiding, […]

Demons In Disguise Pt. 2 – The Zeitgeist

The gods of Today’s World It is not a stretch to consider that professing saints who willfully ignore the threat of the spiritual world also fail, at least to some extent, in their own Bibles. It is clear that demonic forces are everywhere. Perhaps many simply don’t want to be seen as weird for contributing […]

Demons In Disguise Pt. 1 – Wisdom From the Fast

From the Fast We’ve recently discussed the significance of fasting and the bearing that it has on spiritual discernment and strength. Without doubt, fasting will become increasingly vital to the faith and perseverance of believers as demonic activity increases in the earth. Throughout scripture, earnest prayer and fasting was, perhaps, the most effective measure against […]