Simeon, the Sin Nature – Session 10

As Jacob’s second son, Simeon informs us about the state of man and the plan of God which followed the rewards lost during Reuben’s season. Sin has become a pervasive problem, but hope is given for the salvation of mankind.

Brothers of Cruelty – Session 9

Simeon and Levi, the next two sons of Jacob, are closely connected. Before reviewing them separately, we must examine their commonalities since Jacob blesses them at the same time. Of all the blessings pronounced by Jacob towards his sons, Simeon and Levi’s sounded the least like a blessing and the most like a curse. You […]

Reuben: Rewards Lost – Session 8

When Jacob grew old, he became ill and his physical condition and vision grew worse. However, his spiritual vision and insight seemed to become clearer and more detailed with age and maturity. Before his death, Jacob blessed his sons and prophesied their futures, and his words are recounted in Genesis 48 and 49. Much of Jacob’s blessing […]

Jacob – Session 7

The resourcefulness of the Lord is a quality that often goes without adequate appreciation and attention. We are much better off when we consider the manifold purpose in His creation. The extent to which we can be enlightened by His methods should never be limited, whether it is literal, spiritual or allegorical. Every earthly movement […]

Allegories Types and Shadows – Session 6

The Bible is no stranger to figurative language. Though many scholars deny the typology of scripture, searching the scriptures reveals that it is full metaphors, allegories and parables which point to Jesus and us emphasize the elements of God’s sovereign handiwork. The Holy Spirit’s application of artistic writing actually makes the bible as interesting as […]

The Casting Call – Session 5.1

Here’s an extended, metaphorical example to illustrate how God’s plan works. This analogy is not the word, nor is it the perfect parables from Jesus, but it hopefully serves to illustrate the relationship between two worlds, two peoples and the story of the will of the Most High. Imagine the pre-Abrahamic world as an ongoing casting […]

Sovereignty, The Resolution – Session 5

As 1 Timothy 2:4 clearly states, God desires all men to be saved. So why would He predestine so many to eternal death as some suggest? The answer is simple. He doesn’t. There are critical errors made by many disputers of free-will, and that is a failure to define it properly. There is not one answer that […]

Sovereignty, The Tension – Session 4

Understanding the implications of God’s sovereignty upon the universe requires revelation by the Holy Spirit. The coexistence and interaction between Him and His creation are carefully arranged so that His will is certain to be done in the end. So, how does our will fit into the will of God, or do we even have free […]

The Unseen Things – Session 3

Abraham illuminated the plan of God’s heart. Because of His exhibition of faith, God could point carnal men to physical evidence of His divine and loving intentions, and Abraham’s people, the Hebrews were blessed. Romans 11:29 declares that “the gifts AND the calling of God are irrevocable,” so Israel is not only destined to inherit […]

Protecting Purpose – Session 2

Scripture makes it quite obvious that God cherishes the carriers of His covenant. At long last, He had found one suitable to invest His interests, and He wasn’t going to let His seed be destroyed, especially by Satan, the primary enemy of His plan. Therefore, God’s strong hand of judgment throughout the Old Covenant was […]