For Her Cause

by Jeremiah Shepherd

Women are extraordinary models of the handiwork of God. But in a world historically domineered by men, it has been difficult to find adequate appreciation for their significance, and many cultures continue to retain discriminatory views of them. Women have long been the subject and victim of controversy, misconception and religious misunderstanding, and all of humanity is affected as a result. However, within scripture, there are transformational keys into the divine calling of women and why they are both desirable and abundantly essential. Through Divine understanding of their purpose, we can remedy the issues of inequality through revelation. We can discover the beautiful picture of women that the Bible actually paints rather than the misogynistic depiction portrayed by legalistic traditions.

I See The Light

by Jeremiah Shepherd

We all have a tendency, at times, to take things for granted. The people we’ve known the longest and the things we’ve possessed for extended amounts of time are counted upon without much regard for what life would be like without them. It’s much the same with God’s creation. I SEE THE LIGHT takes an extended look at the most impressive objects of our universe and their implications on our lives. Though we often take them for granted, the untouchable creations of God unlock an enlightening and uplifting understanding of scripture, revealing a new appreciation of God’s grace towards us.

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